Cutting the apps

I’m in the process of setting up a new iPad for myself in work.

I’ve been using the original one since last March and over the months have added apps in a fairly non-discriminatory manner. You could say I was app-happy.

Obviously this is a perfect time to review my iPad usage and look at the apps that actually enhance my working life.

After much deliberation I’ve come up with my list of ‘must haves’

These are apps for me – distinct from those I use with the children.

Evernote – all my planning and notes are on my Evernote account so that’s a must have
ExplainEverything – I’m still getting to grips with this but it’s very powerful as a teaching tool
Instacollage – great for grouping pictures before we blog
Wordpress – I can access all the school blogs via one app

I’m sure as time goes by I’ll add more apps.

I’ll definitely want to add apps that we’re planning to use with the pupils so I can play with try them first but this pared down list is enough to cater for all my needs for now.

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