I’ve written about making mistakes before.

The truth is I am an expert in the art of mistake making.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 21.11.08But I still stand by my assertion that that’s perfectly alright.

I always tell the children that the only problem with mistake making is if you keep on repeating the same mistake. It should be a step on your learning journey.

As important as making mistakes is I’m also a firm believer in admitting when I am just plain wrong.

I hate it when I see adults in a school ploughing on, not admitting that they are in the wrong. It diminishes their integrity and isn’t a good way of developing relationships with pupils and other adults.

If something doesn’t work, or I mess up a lesson I don’t think there is anything wrong in admitting it and apologising.

If I don’t know something I would much rather admit my ignorance then bluff or give out wrong information. Not that I’m above using the tried and tested

“what an interesting question … why don’t you see if you can find the answer?”

This doesn’t mean I like being wrong – I hate it. But I’ve learnt not to be afraid of it.

I hope my classroom is a place where it’s alright to be wrong. A place where we alongside celebrating success we recognise and acknowledge the mistakes that help us learn.

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