Is it Safe?

You have to say that in the style of a crazed dentist or is it just me?

Today was Safer Internet Day and our Digital Leaders did us proud.


For weeks they’ve spent dinner times planning and preparing a video and quiz.

How much involvement have I had? Truthfully, not much. In fact, until today I hadn’t even seen the finished product.

This morning they set everything up and tested the quiz – there was one minor blip where a question said “How do you spell cyber?”

Once we’d worked through the flawed logic and rephrased it they were ready to go.

And they were fantastic – they worked with FP first and they had the younger pupils eating out of their hands. The video, a great mix of safety messages and a rather funky dance to teach them where to get help if they are being cyber bullied was a pleasure to watch.

The quiz went well – and at the end they (the DLs) were confident that they had delivered the safety message successfully.


So why do I have this continual worry about their e-safety? I think the truth is that we are training our children to be able to answer our questions on e-safety correctly.

In my school the correct text book answers come thick and fast.

Ask the question and the hands shoot up

They all tell us that a friend online should be someone they know but I’d bet my second best iPad that many of them interact with strangers.

They overshare – the internet has always been there for them and they know no fear.

They can tell us how to deal with a cyber bully – but do they? Or are they keyboard warriors retaliating, or passive victims feeling scared and diminished?

What’s the answer? I wish I knew.




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