Digital Leaders Revisited

In this particular instance there’s something very satisfying at finding yourself slowly being made redundant.

My team of Digital Leaders are proving to be worth their weight in iPads.

So far this term they’ve set up 20 iPads (twice) – unlike me they fail to be daunted and depressed by the inconstancy of Configurator and it’s repeated failure to carry across all the payloads.
They’ve even turned the inputting of settings into a race – I wash never very good at races and now it turns out that I’m not even fastest or second fastest  at setting up an iPad.

They update MacBooks and laptops and make sure the correct software is installed.

They troubleshoot all kinds of everyday problems.

Today we received an SOS from a class teacher who couldn’t get the microphone to work on an app.

TeamA were despatched, but they returned with the iPad.

I scratched my head and tried to record (in vain) until one of the Digital Leaders asked if we’d checked that the microphone was enabled in the settings.

I’m sure I’d have got there eventually, but how great to be pipped at the post.

Digital Leaders

I’d been toying with the idea of Digital Leaders for a while. I read lots of information about how different schools were using them before deciding to take the plunge.

So far it’s been a fascinating journey.

The children filled in application forms and then were interviewed for the position.

Some of their replies were astoundingly mature.

These are some of my favourites.

Q: What would you do if you were asked to help someone use an app or programme because they were having problems?

A: I’d ask them to show me what they were doing first, so I could see what the problem was. Then I’d show them where they were going wrong, but I wouldn’t make them feel bad – I’d talk about all the things they were doing right so they didn’t get upset.

A: I’d show them how to use the app and then ask them to have a go themselves then if they weren’t confident I’d be there to support them

Q: How will you help raise ICT standards in our school?

A: First of all I know I need to work really hard so I have a good set of skills – that way I’ll be able to share my knowledge with other pupils.

Q: Why do you think we need Digital Leaders in our school?

A: Technology is important – we need to be able to use it independently

A: (my favourite) Because you must get fed up of all the teachers asking you to help them

Q: What would you do if you were asked for help but you weren’t able to solve the problem

A: I’d ask the other digital leaders for their ideas, then if we were still stuck we’d come and talk to you.

A: I would ask for time to think about the problem. If it was a hardware problem I’d look at all the connections and wires again incase I’d missed something obvious.

I love the last answer because at least 60% of the ‘problems’ I encounter can be easily solved by looking at the setup.