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Sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough …
Q1 – just how much time do your Digital Leaders spend being digital leaders? What are they expected to do in this time?

This year’s group distribute and collect all equipment daily – staff book equipment via OneNote and the DLs organise the equipment accordingly.
Until now the information has been on my OneNote file but I’ve just changed the system so it is on their Class OneNote and they and access info even if I am not around.

They also spend several dinner times a week doing DL stuff (by choice)  – this year they self organise. They made a video and prepared a presentation on e-safety, they update software and organise hardware, create quizzes and presentations (e.g. – how to look after and charge the laptops correctly)

If there is an ICT problem in another class they are the first port of call – they’ll go down and see if they can solve it (quite often they do)

Q2 – Is there a hierarchy in your Digital Leaders? Are they expected to organise themselves at all?

To be honest this group have been pretty good at self-organisation. Last year I was over ambitious and had too many and it didn’t work.

We have a core group of 5 with a couple of honorary DLs who help when needed.

Occasionally they will ask for advice on how to organise/approach something but mostly they are self sufficient.

They all have different strengths (e.g. Some are really good at problem solving and finding ways to work around an ICT issue, others are great at tracing the source of a problem)

Q3 – How independent do you expect your Digital Leaders to be? What are they allowed to do?

They are fairly independent like to tell me what to do.

In the past I have had to direct them much more – this year they are quite proactive and will identify problems themselves.

They also like to work with the ICT technician when he comes in so that if the same problem arises we can resolve it in-house.

I try to encourage them to develop areas of ICT they are interested in and they have risen to the challenge.

Q4 One tip for encouraging independent Digital Leaders?

You do need a couple of DLs who are good at organising things/one another.

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