Digital Leaders

I’d been toying with the idea of Digital Leaders for a while. I read lots of information about how different schools were using them before deciding to take the plunge.

So far it’s been a fascinating journey.

The children filled in application forms and then were interviewed for the position.

Some of their replies were astoundingly mature.

These are some of my favourites.

Q: What would you do if you were asked to help someone use an app or programme because they were having problems?

A: I’d ask them to show me what they were doing first, so I could see what the problem was. Then I’d show them where they were going wrong, but I wouldn’t make them feel bad – I’d talk about all the things they were doing right so they didn’t get upset.

A: I’d show them how to use the app and then ask them to have a go themselves then if they weren’t confident I’d be there to support them

Q: How will you help raise ICT standards in our school?

A: First of all I know I need to work really hard so I have a good set of skills – that way I’ll be able to share my knowledge with other pupils.

Q: Why do you think we need Digital Leaders in our school?

A: Technology is important – we need to be able to use it independently

A: (my favourite) Because you must get fed up of all the teachers asking you to help them

Q: What would you do if you were asked for help but you weren’t able to solve the problem

A: I’d ask the other digital leaders for their ideas, then if we were still stuck we’d come and talk to you.

A: I would ask for time to think about the problem. If it was a hardware problem I’d look at all the connections and wires again incase I’d missed something obvious.

I love the last answer because at least 60% of the ‘problems’ I encounter can be easily solved by looking at the setup.

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