Summer Term

It’s hard to believe that the Summer Term is upon us.
Two thirds of the year gone by already – Easter being early this year means that there are 66 school days left – 65 is exactly one third of the working year.

How do I feel about the Summer Term?

Fine weather (maybe, we are in Wales)
A residential trip to look forward to
Planning – using OneNote means that for the first time in my entire career my planning is up to date and I’m not playing catch up. I’m even enjoying planning for this term – lots of exciting things to do.
Out Door Classroom Day
Report Writing – yes, I like it.

Moderation and Testing – necessary evils, but I have to admit having begun the process of compiling my moderation work it isn’t making my heart sing with joy. Time and effort to tell me what I already know … what would I like to happen? For someone to come in and sit with my ‘chosen’ pupils – look at their books, chat with them and watch them complete as task.

And as for testing, was all have the pupils who just cannot cope with the test situation – you can make it as calm and unthreatening as you like but for some it is a soul-destroying experience, where, for some reason they cannot show what they are capable of.

Saying goodbye to Year 6





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