Blogging Journey

This was the year I wanted to roll out blogging to the whole school.

I’ve been blogging with my class since 2010.

I look back at the early days when blogging involved cameras, memory cards, a laptop and a browser and I’m quite impressed that I persevered.

I’ve dabbled with Blogger, Typepad, Posterous and WordPress.
I loved Posterous and felt personally affronted when they folded last year.

After much deliberation I decided to stick with WordPress – the app is easy to use and I can set up themes and manage accounts easily.

Once the blogs are set up the actual posting process is as simple as sending an email.

Rolling it out to the whole school was the obvious next step.

I’ve set up the blogs as 5 individual blogs each linked to the class teacher’s work email address.

Following the same protocols for username and passwords makes it easier to manage and my piece-de-resitance is adding myself to every blog as an administrator. This means I can add them all to the app on my iPad (or log in on a browser) and I can manage themes/edit posts etc.

So far there has been a fairly positive response from staff and parents – I guess the problem now is to keep momentum going and devolve responsibility to the pupils whenever possible.

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