Looking Forward to Looking Backwards

It’s a funny time of year in school.

The final week looms – full to the gunnels. Trips, Leaver’s Assembly, Fund Raiser and when you teach Year Six all ‘the last times

But the truth is my eyes are already firmly fixed on next year.

During the past few weeks I’ve been working on our revised KS2 Curriculum.

We’re looking at taking a different approach to curriculum coverage. We need tor revise and adapt.
We need to take the new revised areas of learning and POS on board.
We need to be more pro-active in ensuring we have full curriculum coverage.

We need to get to grips with really focusing on a whole key stage approach to pupil profiles – after a staff meeting a teacher said “…it’s exciting, but scary”

And that’s good. Scary is good.

Scary should make you try harder. Be more aware. Think more carefully.

It’s easy to become complacent. To coast, perhaps even to coast badly, to slide downhill.

We need shaking up, to be held to task. We need to do things that scare us and make us uncomfortable.

But (finally getting to the point) we need to look back and reflect as well.

What does work? What doesn’t? What have I learnt this year? What didn’t do so well? What can I do more of/less of?

What are my aims for next year?

There are many, but as a starting point I’m looking to develop team work.

Better collaboration. More honest discussion. More sharing.

How will I do this?

Collaborative planning using OneNote is my first weapon of choice. That’s a bit scary – there’s no where to hide when everyone can access your planning all the time.
Key Stage meetings with clear defined agendas.
DIfficult conversations.

Will it work? Watch this space.

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