Forcing Change

Change can be hard.

People like to do things in the way they are familiar and comfortable with.

Innovation can be scary.

This term I implemented a change in the way we plan.
Out went the lever arch files, the printed sheets and the post-it notes. Goodbye to the memory sticks and drop boxes, files spread out in a range of destinations.
In came OneNote.

I wasn’t completely heartless, I built the Notebooks and populated them with everything needed from overviews to curriculum documents.

Without wishing to boast they were a thing of beauty! In my eyes anyway

And then I rolled them out.

My aims were ease of use, accessibility and transparency – all NoteBooks are shared with all teaching staff.

They can see everyones’ and comment on them. As the person who collects in and comments on planning I was very aware that while I always offered mine for scrutiny no one ever looked at it.

This week I asked for feedback and so far it has been overwhelmingly positive.

It has had a hugely positive impact, particularly as I share a classroom (and thus planning) with another teacher. I can quickly and easily access her planning as well as sharing classroom administration task

OneNote has helped me immensely to organise my planning, teaching and daily assessment. I no longer have to worry about missing pieces of paper in my planning file and being able to view other staff’s planning has boosted my confidence. It is also proving to be an effective way of working collaboratively with other staff, being able to share ideas, documents and other information quickly and easily. Having the app on the iPad also means I can add notes instantly to my planning before I forget. 

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. As always there are technical problems but we’re ironing them out bit by bit.
Some staff have found the transition fairly easy, others are still struggling with some of the features of OneNote.

On a personal level my planning has never been so up to date.

Up to date in two senses – I’ve planned ahead but also I am actually annotating and reviewing lessons.

My favourite comment so far was a conversation where a member of staff half jokingly said “you’ve taken away all my excuses – I can’t use I’ve left my file at home or the printer doesn’t work any more”


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