Effective use of iPads

As we roll out our new set of class iPads I’ve been thinking a lot about how best to use them effectively.
My biggest worry is that they’ll be used inefficiently.
As a reward “now go and play on the ipad” or an incentive “if you work hard you can go on the ipad” or even worse as a time filler.

In order to prevent this I’ve asked staff to look carefully at how they plan to use them.

We’ve just started using pupil friendly ICT targets so theoretically it should be possible to look at planning and ICT skills and marry them together with a task that can be best facilitated on the iPads.

First class up for the challenge are going to look at control (Daisy the Dinosaur) and creating multimedia projects (e book creator).

Choosing an app to use can be quite a daunting task. There are almost too many and I’m coming to believe that less is more.

Luckily Configurator my nemesis means that theoretically I can set them up quickly so they are ready to use with all the appropriate apps installed.

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