Rd ths plz

This week we’ve written descriptive stories and letters.

I decided to change things around by visiting http://ifaketext.com and creating the start of a text conversation between two characters in our story.



The first thing I learnt in my lesson today was that I’m not up to speed with the latest text conventions. Apparently my third text should have read *understand and my sorry autocorrect was extraneous. 

Once we’d got over my error it was fascinating to watch the children work.

One pupils who I know is a prolific tester wrote her first few entries in beautiful standard English.

When I asked her why she said ‘You’ve spent too long teaching me the right way miss’

Others really got into the spirit of things and I learnt a lot of new things.

The lesson led to a really interesting discussion on the use of ‘different voices’  both written and spoken.



Level 4: …writes appropriately for the purpose of the reader and in a range of forms
Level 5 …writes in a range of forms for different readers, using a more formal style where appropriate

Level 4: … talks and listens with confidence in an increasing range of contexts
Level 5: …talks and listens confidently in a wide range of contexts, including some that are of a formal nature

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