It’s alright to be wrong

If you want to create an environment where pupils can learn you have to give them the space and courage to make mistakes.

And it’s hard – no one wants to be the one who gives the wrong answer. 

All our natural inclinations tell us to keep quiet unless we are certain of the correct answer.

Who wants to be the person who spends ages on a task only to find the answers are all incorrect?

But if we are afraid of making mistakes, then we become afraid of trying something new, afraid of being creative and of thinking in a different way.

The pupils in our classes need to know that it’s alright to be wrong (I always add the proviso as long as you don’t keep repeating the same mistake again and again)

They need to be in an environment where it’s safe to be wrong. Where you aren’t defined by your last incorrect answer.

They need to be able to make mistakes, share them, laugh at them and learn from them.

As do we – if we can’t look back at our teaching in the same reflective manner then we’re not doing our jobs properly.  

One thought on “It’s alright to be wrong

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