Inside Out

Some days I like teaching.

Some days I love teaching

Some days I wonder why I am still a teacher

Some days I feel privileged to be a teacher

Friday was one of these privilege days.

#EmptyClassroomDay. It seemed like a good idea a few weeks ago but as the day loomed tempers frayed, sighs were heaved and it seemed like a burden.

All children outside, all day. Mixed age groups, lots of different activities.

Art, Nature Detectives, orienteering, sports, walking, maths trail, gardening.

My brief for the day was the Maths Trail and in a magnificently unprepared manner the evening before I trotted round the school grounds coming up with ideas.

Ideas that would be fine for 4-11 year olds.

Bucket of water for volume, timed activities on the adventure trail, measuring, problem solving, pattern seeking.

And the maths was fine – but it wasn’t the best bit.

The best bit was the cooperation. The Year 6 boys carefully coaxing 4 year olds along the adventure trail and praising them extravagantly when they got to the end.

Older pupils demonstrating how to measure, or count in sets or draw a map.

The loving care the pupils showed for each other.
Infinite patience, support and understanding when someone was finding something difficult.

A privilege indeed.

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