Be more Dog

IMG_6323During the holidays I try and take time to reflect upon my approach to work during the previous term.

Have I worked wisely? Achieved anything of note? Helped others?

What won’t I do again? What will I do again?

How have I reacted to challenging situations? I’ve worked hard -do the effort and outcome match?

They say that people gradually become more like their dogs.

We have two – a frenetic, neurotic rescue terrier who reacts to every situation without thought. He has boundless energy and is perfectly happy to be on the go all day even if he achieves nothing. He makes a lot of noise, he barks at anything and everything. He digs holes, gnaws sticks and runs.

We joke that we could walk him in a circle forever and he wouldn’t mind, in fact he’d be perfectly happy.

He’s naughty, he gets into trouble for the same offences again and again.

He’s fiercely protective and loyal.

At the end of the day he fights sleep, his head nods and he forces himself to stay awake incase he misses anything.

The mastiff is a completely different kettle of (dog)fish. She’s laid back, watchful and learns fast – you only need to tell her something once.

She doesn’t believe in wasting energy, she rarely barks but when she does you know it – it’s more like a roar. If she feels a walk is unnecessary, too familiar or boring she sits down to signal her disapproval.

Believe me, moving her is a challenge. It’s only her innate good manners and obedience that make her move and she exudes disapproval.

If she wants to do something because she thinks it is of value she is keen and willing and she gives 100%. Otherwise she conserves her energy.

And me? Upon reflection too much terrier.

I’m not good at letting go, I need to learn to distinguish between tenacity and stubbornness. I want to do everything, I can’t bear not to be involved. I can’t bear to fail – I spend hours trying to solve tiny ICT niggles that probably don’t matter because I won’t admit defeat, I’m not great at saying no. I probably talk too much.

I think I need to be aim for more mastiff, with a touch of terrier.

The boundless energy and enthusiasm combined with the ability to hold back and watch before making a reasoned decision.


Conserve energy so when something important needs doing I’m raring to go.

Have a clear rational for everything I’m doing.

Make less noise, especially when it isn’t necessary.

Patience, watch and listen, thought before action, purposefulness.

Or perhaps I should try channelling the cats

Eat … enjoy life … sleep…


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