Favourite Things

Rewrite from staffrm

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens


I am an inveterate collector of stuff.

Gadgets, bags, pens, notebooks (stationery in general) – I’m a marketing manager’s dream because I always want the next best thing. I buy things to solve problems I didn’t even know I had.

I haven’t spent the last few months deciding which apple watch I’m not having. Oh no, not me. I wouldn’t fall for that slick shiny marketing.

“What does it do?” asks MrAthrawes.
And I bluster
“Loads of stuff… you know”

But the truth is i just want it because. 

So which of my many purchases have stood the test of time?

Crumpler bags

I have two messenger style bags that I use for school. One that fits an iPad, the other a MacBook. They are tough, protective, not too big and they even withstand being thrown in the washing machine. One was a gift, the other an eBay purchase but i would happily have paid full price.

Magnus Stylus

New kid on the block is my Maglus stylus. I wanted one for ages and finally caved last term. I did that sad thing where I offer myself a reward

If you do this then you can have this. Do other people do this?

It is a thing of beauty. Heavy, pleasurable to use, beautifully magnetic.

Even the packaging was beautiful (told you I was a sucker for marketing) it comes with a handy replacement nib sealed in a dinky keyring capsule.

I’ve used it everyday. It’s great for drawing mindmaps, flowcharts, taking notes in Welsh lessons (predictive text hates Welsh) The children covet it.

I’m planning to buy more as birthday gifts for friends.

Contigo Mug

It’s battered and not looking its best after a year of use. But I love it.

I can fill it with tea before I leave the house, by the time I get to work it’s ready to drink. If I’m delayed en route I can swig away. A quick top up before the children arrive lasts me until break time and so it goes on.

Over the past twenty years I dread to think how many half cups of cold tea I have poured away. Now I actually get to drink hot tea all day long

Even better, if it gets knocked over there is no spillage.

I fling it in my bag and so far not a drop has leaked out.

Grid it

Simple, but effective. Lots of stretch straps on an oblong stiff base.

It prevents having to rummage around in the bottom of my bag to find a charger/pendrive/pen. I wish I’d invented this!

Pilot V Pens

These are disposable fountain pens. I know, a contradiction in terms. My weapon of choice is a Waterman but having lost one and misplaced the replacement repeatedly I decided I needed a cheaper alternative.

They come in lots of colours and are lovely to write with. They are cheap enough for me to buy a set to allow for disappearances – of course the irony is I haven’t lost one so far this school year.

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