Specialist Skills

What’s your super power in school?

I don’t mean the type you would list on your CV, or even those listed in your job description but the things that, for some reason, have become part of your role.

In no particular order mine seem to be

  • The ability to diagnose impetigo at twenty paces

This stems from an unfortunate period when I was prone to severe impetigo outbreaks. I only had to look at a suffering child and within 24 hours I’d look like a plague victim.

Fortunately touch wood I now seem to have developed a hardier immune system but it does mean I am overly familiar with every stage of impetigous contagion.

  • High level lead checking skills

All ICT coordinators will recognise this one. The ability to make a device work by checking that the leads are all connected. In fact I don’t just check connections I’m a bit of a whizz with power supplies as well.

Unfortunately for me this is a skill many staff in school are still working towards. Luckily for me my Digital Leaders are experts in this.

When they return from a problem solving expedition the conversation often follows a familiar pattern

I asked if they had checked the leads and they said yes … but I checked them anyway and when I plugged everything in it started to work again.

  • Gramophone Ear

I don’t know if that’s a real term or not. I do remember my ballet teacher accusing me of having this.

I had been talking when she was giving instructions and she uttered the teacherly classic line “perhaps you’d like to repeat what I just said”. Annoyingly for her, I could.

The ability to hold a conversation with one person whilst simultaneously listening to another conversation.

This comes in very handy in class, pupils are always baffled by my ability to work with a group and then turn around to the next table and comment on their prior conversations.

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