Hwbling along

“It’s all about the Hwb Miss” commented one of my pupils today. 

And recently it has been. 

Which bits am I loving? 

Online marking. 

In J2E I can log on, access the pupils’ work and mark in a different colour. 

In Office365 I’ve discovered I can use the comments tool to mark and also get feedback from the pupils. 

I think our next piece of independent writing is going to be done in Office365 – paired work completed on a shared file. 

Then I shall mark the first draft and each pupil can work individually to produce a second draft 


We’ve just started using the discussion tool and while some of it very much at the stage of ‘What is your favourite colour?’ I can see the potential for lots of digital development. 

Amongst the mundane there is a lovely discussion about favourite art genres which has sprung up because of our current topic. 

I think the next challenge is going to be Welsh Medium discussions.


Wikis were the first Hwb tool I embraced. Coupled with the encyclopaedia tool I think we can aim to produce our own mini library based around our class topics. 

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