Last term we did a lot of work based on developing questioning techniques.

All the usual stuff – open/closed etc etc.
I felt the pupils had developed the ability to ask questions to enhance their learning, but it was an area we would need to work on in the future.

This term I had arranged for a local artist to come in and talk to the children about her work.

She asked if it was possible to have a list of questions in advance so she could think about possible answers.

Late on a Friday afternoon, literally 20 minutes before the start of the half term holiday because I had forgotten  I asked the children to think of, and write down some questions.

That evening when I started to collate their questions I was blown away by the calibre of their work

I had been expecting

Who is your favourite artist?
What type of pictures do you paint?

And yes, those questions were there.

Interspersed with beauties like this

If you could meet any artist (from any time in History) who would it be?
Why? And what three questions would you ask them?

Would you rather be a really talented artist or a famous (but far less talented artist?

Has becoming a mother influenced or changed your artwork?            

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