All about the Hwb

Long time no blog, but my resolutions (yes, I know I’m late) is to blog more. 

 At the moment I’m all about the Hwb, so I thought it might be useful for me to note down any issues that I’ve managed to resolve so when I roll it out to other staff I can refer to my blog. 

Time Travel

Within Office365 it’s fairly easy to find the regional settings for mail but they aren’t so obvious for ‘OneDrive’. 

 OneDrive: the time and date need resetting, apparently I was up and at it at 6.00am. 

Anyone who knows me would realise that is about as likely as snow in June. 

 Anyway, to resolve it you need to click OneDrive from the top menu. Then choose settings>site settings>regional settings. Then you can select the appropriate time zone.

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