Too much talk?

Last Monday I started the day with a headache and incredibly sore throat.

By dinner time every word hurt so when I came to teach the afternoon’s lessons I was struggling.

Because every word hurt, suddenly every comment had to be valuable.

I croaked out instructions for the afternoon tasks then wrote them on the board.

One was collecting data for and then creating a pie chart – using skills we’d covered in maths the previous week.

The next was taking screenshots on an iPad and using these to create an instruction sheet for creating hyperlinks in Keynote.

The third was completion of an eSafety Keynote.

All tasks that usually I would happily interfere in, dispensing advice and making suggestions.

I couldn’t. So I mostly sat and observed.

At times I itched to interrupt and say something. But it hurt too much, so I didn’t.

But, I guess you know where I’m going with this, the children managed perfectly.

In fact, without my interference the discussion and problem solving that went on was probably better than usual.

They worked together to measure and check pie charts, protractors and compasses were deployed. When one group made an error another group helped them to identify it.

I did have to employ the look  at times to keep them focussed, but other than that they organised themselves and learnt independently.

Since Monday I’ve been mostly lying in bed coughing and spluttering.

When I go back to work next week I need to carry the lesson with me – sometimes MY silence is golden.

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