September Syndrome

September Syndrome: the unnerving feeling of teaching the same year group, but they are twelve months behind the point of the year group who just left you

It’s not a recognised syndrome but it exists, believe me.

It gets me every single year (apart from the years when I’ve moved up with the class)

All my expectations are end of year, and suddenly you’re starting from scratch again.

It shouldn’t be too bad because I teach a mixed year group so theoretically the shock should be less, but it still gets me every single September.

I keep looking up and expecting to see a different set of pupils.

The deja vu hits during the ritual initiation where I introduce my funny little ways rules and discuss classroom organisation.

Learning to decode a whole new slew of handwriting and spelling idiosyncrasies.

This year I’m teaching Year 4/5 for one afternoon a week and I have to admit that was an even bigger shock to the system.

The good thing about September Syndrome is it strikes fast and hard but recovery time is quick. We’re resilient folk, teachers.
Ask me about it at half term and it will be a long distant memory.
Until next year 

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