I used to love display.

In the old days before the task list that relegated display to second place I’d spend hours planing and executing beautiful wall displays.

Over the years my love of display didn’t wane, but the amount of time I devoted to them certainly did.

This year I decided to try and renew my love of display by involving the pupils in decisions about our classroom walls.

It wouldn’t be true to say they all rose to the challenge but a core group have very decided ideas about what is and isn’t acceptable.

As the weeks have gone by watching them take ownership of their displays has been fascinating.

They’ve gone from making suggestions to producing annotated sketches and designs for display boards.

Their most impressive skill is the ability to source backing paper, borders and art materials from throughout the school.

They have the uncanny knack of knowing which teacher will have any given item and the ability to go and beg borrow or steal.

When I asked them how they did this they laughter and said ‘We just remind them of how much IT support we give their class’



In the final weeks of Year Six one of their concerns has been whether I will be able to maintain the high standards that they have set.

Let’s hope I ( and next year’s class) can rise to the challenge.


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