Managing iPads

As we approach the anniversary of our iPad induction in school I’ve been reflecting upon how the way I manage them has evolved during the past twelve months.

I started off with 6 staff iPads – I set them up individually, but link to one appleID, each with individual staff emails and iMessage accounts.

It was time consuming but a great learning curve for me. After three long evenings learning from scratch I can input proxy settings in my sleep and troubleshoot most minor problems.

As we acquired more iPads I needed to find a more efficient way of managing them.

Enter Configurator (plus digital leaders).

I have a hate hate relationship with Configurator. I should love it but it causes me so much angst I’m not quite there yet.

The theory is great, the practice a bit glitchy.

But slowly we’re getting there. I still need to tweak a few things as it doesn’t copy the wifi settings for me but I can use it to purchase and install bulk sets of apps.

We have two sets of ten pupil iPads.

One in my room (lucky me) and another that rotate through the other classes.

Each set of ten are linked to a dropbox – mine to our long established class dropbox, the other set to a dropbox I created for the purpose of iPad sharing.

This means when the iPads are returned to me I can wipe them and reconfigure – provided staff have saved all the things they want to keep in the dropbox

All the iPads are linked to a shared email account. I’ve tried using an exchange email set up by a LA technician but that can be glitchy.

Gmail, on the other hand has been reliable so far.

It’s not a perfect set up, but it works.



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