I’m becoming a big fan of screencasting.

I’ve realised that when my technology refused to play nicely during my first instant alpha lesson I’d have been much better off if I’d prepared a screen cast.


Well, firstly I wouldn’t have had the technical issues with my apple tv as I’d have been playing a video clip and secondly I would have been able to focus on the children rather than using the software.

I’ve been looking into screen casting on a mac and it’s ludicrously easy.
I taught a group of pupils to do it today and it took no time at all.

In fact, over half term I think I will make a screencast showing how to screencast…

ExplainEverything is also perfect for this.

Today’s maths lesson was using protractors to draw and measure angles so before the lesson I made some brief video clips demonstrating how to/not to use a protractor.
Because I was making them myself I was able to make sure that the ‘problems’ I encountered were entirely relevant to the children and were difficulties I had noted in my previous assessments.

As part of the lesson starter the children identified the good practise and the incorrect practise in the film clip.

If you record your clips in ExplainEverything (or drop them in after filming) you can pause, annotate, zoom right in or highlight with the pointer.

During the lesson some of them (after rehearsal) filmed each other using protractors.

I liked the fact that while they were doing practical work a couple of them went back and watched the film clip again when they weren’t sure which scale to use.

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