I‘ll let you into a secret, I don’t actually mind marking.
Not maths, I don’t like marking maths but Literacy and most other subjects are fine. Sometimes I quite enjoy it.
I have to mark in fountain pen, a couple of weeks ago I left both my fountain pens at home and I actually couldn’t bring myself to mark during the day. The children noticed I wasn’t marking their work and they also worked out why

Miss, just mark it – it doesn’t matter.

Instead I came in extra early the next morning to catch up. I may have issues…

However, about a year ago I made a conscious decision bot to bring my marking home anymore.

I used to put it in a bag or box.
Lug it to the car.
Bring it into the house, where it would sit, inert but accusing all weekend.

So now I mark in school. I’d rather arrive early, stay late or work like fury through my PPA to get it all done.

This week, for a variety of reasons I had to bring marking home, some mid week and then another set which I collected today.

It’s not that bad I told myself I’ can sit by the fire and mark in comfort

But actually it was that bad.

The marking sat in its box like a malevolent guest until I tackled it.

I tried to ignore it, but like Pandora I swear it spoke to me, not soothing whispers but nagging, whiny comments making me feel vaguely inadequate and mildly bad tempered.marking

So, unless needs must I shall be leaving my marking in school.

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