To Mac or not to Mac

appleYears ago my not-quite-brother-in-law accused me of having sold my soul to Sony.

He was right.

It started with the walkman, then there was the Sony portable CD, the mini radio the size of a small matchbox, the television the size of a tea chest.

Aside from an unfortunate dalliance with the Dell from Hell all my laptops were Vaios.

There was even the Clie, the Sony PDA which I loved.

But as the years have gone by my allegiance has changed. It started with a Macbook in work, then came the iPods, the iPhone and iPad.

They were slicker, faster and more alluring.
I fought the call for a long time.
I was on the slippery iSlope and there was no going back.

My main problem has been that it’s easier for me to be proficient in Windows because I’ve been using it for years… but now I’ve taken the plunge and moved everything across to OS.

It’s a fairly steep learning curve – I’ve dabbled before but now I’m in full immersion mode.
In a way the whole process is a lesson. It’s much easier to stick with what I can do efficiently and I suppose this is the problem you often encounter with teachers not utilising the ICT they area provided with.

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