Ten things I’ve learnt about …

… using iPads in class

1. Train your Digital Leaders to set them.
When we got the first set of teacher iPads it took me hours and hours to set them up. Now I have a dream team who can do it faster than I can.

2. Don’t get app-happy. Sometimes less is more, it’s easy to be dazzled by the hundreds of options. It’s better to use a few apps really well than a lot of apps badly.

3. Don’t stop looking for new apps – just be discriminatory in the ones you choose to use.

4. Keep them charged so they are always ready to be used.

5. Make the pupils accountable for their care – that way at the end of every lesson they are put back and on charge and you don’t need to worry about them

6. Invest in a charging cabinet – we have a Griffin that is worth its weight in gold – later on when I get to grips with Configurator I’m hoping it will make life even easier.

7. Be prepared for the children to know more than you do. I consider myself pretty proficient but rarely a day goes by when someone doesn’t teach me something iPad related.

8. Use some kind of Cloud storage. This means you don’t need to worry about making sure pupils use the same iPad each time. It also means you can take on home and review all their work

9. Encourage the children to come up with ways the iPads can be incorporated into lessons. Don’t always suggest an app, make the iPad available, explain the task and let them choose.

10. If you are lucky enough to have a way of projecting your iPad onto the IWB enjoy the freedom of being able to face the children and interact with your board.

I’m sure I’ll be back with another list next term as this is an ongoing learning journey.

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